Friday, September 30, 2011


Since when did being fashionable mean you had to wear heels higher than 3"? I'm looking for designers who feature lower heels. Anyone know of that kind of designer? Let me know

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I hope the color in the picture is the true color! I'll see when it arrives on my doorstep. But regardless of what color it is, it's still in the green family!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


According to Dushane Noble a knitwear designer at TSE, if you don't have a defuzzing gadget to removing pilling from your sweater, use a pumice stone on the chunkier knits. A sweater comb is best for fine gauge knits. Mr. Noble likes the Remington FuzzAway ($6.00 on for chunky knits and sweater combs by D-Fuzz-It for around $3.00 at

On the fine gauge knits, if you don't have a sweater comb handy use a clean, double-blade razor. Just drage the razor in downward motion to remove the fuzz (a a piece of cardboard inside sweater to create a smooth surface to work on.

It's chilly outside...get your sweater on!!!

InStyle/Oct 2011


pic provided by
Mulberry Alexa Soft Buffalo handbag in
Bright Cabbage
approximately $1200.00

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I probably won't look like Ciara when I wear it but one of my must have pieces is the maxi skirt from Old Navy.
pic provided by
picture provided by Old Navy


It's funny how I start off a lot of my blogs by saying "I have to admit." But this time I really have to admit next to spring, fall is my favorite season. It's the time of the year I vow to start the resolutions I failed to take action on January 1. Each year the list is the same: more walking, eating better, drinking more water, losing weight, dressing better, etc. etc. And every time  just like before, I probably won't keep a lot of these promises.

Every new season brings about visions of a new wardrobe (did someone say shopping?), however that usually doesn't happen either. There's always an excuse for me not to buy: I'm too fat, hemlines are too short, hemlines are too long, this doesn't look good on me, I don't want to show too much skin, etc. etc.

Part of my problem has been lack of confidence. I see other large women wearing fashionable clothing and I would love to see myself wearing the same kinds of clothes but fear keeps me from doing so. I remember years ago hearing a comedian say something about wearing a red suit. I'm paraphrasing but it was something about him seeing other men in red suits and always wanting to wear one but felt he would just look like a man in a red suit. Maybe it loses something in translation but the point is I would love to make a fashion statement but I am too self conscious to be fashionable. So I tend to stick to the tried and true or as my kids call it "my every". (wow, this is supposed to be a fashion blog, not a therapy session!)

So my fear keeps me on the computer purusing each season's fashions, not in the store buying them and certainly not out and about to wear them. Well all that is about to change. I recently went to a couple stage plays in Atlanta and I did take the time to pick out fashionable and trendy attire. And although I have to admit it was fun playing dress up, I was just too shy to have my husband take good pictures of me to share with you. I am going to a play in a couple weeks and I promise I will post a picture of what I decide to wear.

Today I was really going to share some of the pieces I want to buy for the fall season, but my list is incomplete and I'll probably be adding to it ... well.. until time to make my New Year's resolutions!
Maybe I should stick to shoes!

Here are some of the pieces I've picked out for the Fall!
picture provided by Monif C.
Chunky Turtleneck by Rachel Pally
pic provided by Rachel Pally

The Leandra Dress provided by Rachel Pally

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heel Condoms!

I have to admit I hadn't heard about this product before I started scrolling around on; Heel Condoms! What a novel idea and why didn't I think of it!  This is the perfect solution for changing up your favorite most comfortable heels! Think of the extension of life you will give your heels. Go from plain Jane to distinctive Diva just by changing up the look of your favorite shoes!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sophie Theallet

I have fallen in love with Sophie Theallet! I'm going to get in to some of her Spring 2012 Ready To Wear Collection if I have to starve to death to do it! Okay, well if I can't wear her clothing, I will be in attendance at one of her next Fashion Week shows!

I loved the orange/magenta dresses, the pieces that had a touch of green (of course) and the whites. I got all of the following pictures from New York Fashion Mag so bear with me as I share some of my favorites with you. 
(in no particular order)

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!

I'm all about green this fall (with a few other colors thrown in). Shopping this morning online, I found this gorgeous dress by Igigi. I don't have any place to wear it unless I decide to throw an event but I love the color. It's a dress that you can wear two different ways (probably more if you're creative!) The belt is reversible to allow more looks!
picture provided by

picture provided by

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Titanic Necklace Stolen

And it had to be green!

A gold-plated necklace recovered from the Titanic has been stolen from an exhibition at Copenhagen's Tivoli amusement park.  

Park spokesman Torben Planks says the alarm did not sound when the jewelry disappeared Saturday morning. "The showcase has not been broken into and the alarm didn't go off," Plank said, adding police were investigating the theft. "It is pretty embarrassing."

A $1,380 reward has been offered for information leading to the retrieval of the necklace.
Exhibition owner Luis Ferreiro said the necklace has an insurance value of $19,300 but he doubted it could be sold because it is known internationally.

"It was very important piece. The artifacts tell stories about the people aboard," Ferreiro told The Associated Press.

(The green stone is hard to see without magnifying, but believe me, it's green!)

I May Have To Purchase This!

The Taylor Coat in Forest Green by Igigi may have to end up in my closet!
It can be worn with or without the belt.
Check it out at
Show us a picture of the coat you are planning to purchase for the cold weather?
If you already have your winter coat, share a picture!
pic provided by

picture provided by

Sunday, September 18, 2011

63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

There were some beautiful dresses on the red carpet tonight. There were some okay dresses on the red carpet tonight. And there were some dresses that made you wonder why their stylists still have jobs!  There were some beautiful colors: lots of blacks, reds, whites, blues, a couple yellows etc. But those of you who know me know exactly what caught my eye, the greens! Loretta Devine looked divine! Brooke Anderson's dress was gorgeous. And although the voters on voted actress Archie Panjabi a fashion fail, I happened to love her dress! Nancy Javonen's dress I didn't care for at all. Nor did I like Olivia Munn's dress. Tell me your favorite dress of the night. 
Loretta Devine
pic provided by taken by Steve Granitz/

Archie Panjabi
pic provided by taken by Frazer Harrison/

Brooke Anderson
pic provided by taken by Jordan Strauss/

Nancy Javonen shown with Jimmy Fallon
pic provided by taken by Steve Granitz/

Olivia Munn
pic provided by taken by Jeff Vespa/

Pink and Orange

I just looked at an entry by Killy Scheer, an interior designer and freelance design writer on and she said the colors pink and orange were featured at this year's New York Fashion Week! I didn't know it when I selected pink and orange as the official colors for I AM NEW, INC. a women's organization built on the belief of sisterhood, community and service. It will also serve as a mentoring group for I AM BRAND NEW (girls ages 10-21). I cannot wait to tell the ladies how fashion forward we will be!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Missoni for Target

Although I continued telling you to go to Target to purchase some Missoni pieces, guess who didn't get there themselves? Me! Pickings were real slim. I found more on Ebay than at the Target store. I managed to pick up a pair of gloves, a picture frame and a pair of knee high socks. Maybe I'll run across the shoes and the tote I wanted at a later time. Take a look at what I managed to find.

Perhaps the next time I'll take my own advice and get there on time!  Have a great fashionable weekend!

Still Seeing Green

I'm loving this coat! Especially with a pair of black leggings, black sweater and black!

Picture provided by and Dario Calmese

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Money Is Back On Green

This is a Valentino! Need I say more?
Picture provided by Valentino


"A woman truly feels beautiful when she recognizes that she is exquisite the way she already is: a wonderful, unique, and exceptional individual.”

That is the motto of Igigi, a company that sells beautiful clothing for the plus sized woman. Based in San Francisco, the founder, Yuliya Raquel gave up a career in medicine to pursue her passion of fashion design.  "IGIGI is the premiere brand of contemporary collections designed to fulfill the lifestyle of the beautiful, voluptuous, and confident woman. Named after an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence, IGIGI strives to provide women of curves with smart, stylish and sophisticated collections that accentuate and celebrate their bodies.  Everybody is beautiful just the way they are."

I own a few pieces of Igigi and absolutely love them. I will post pictures when I wear them. Their new Kelly dress is part of a limited collection, so I'm going to have to shop quickly!

Igigi's clothing range from sizes 12-32

Picture provided by

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michael Kors

I think one of the reasons I love Michael Kors is because he does his best to outfit all different shapes and sizes.  There are others and we will feature them as well.  It was when I saw this handbag by Michael Kors for the fall, that I fell madly in love with his work!  I have also included two pictures of similar looks one for the smaller woman and one for the plus size woman. You can see both women look great! Hooray for Michael Kors!

All picture provided by

Missoni for Target is back up after Missoni for Target caused it to crash yesterday! Way to go Missoni!


Missoni was so anticipated and so popular, it shut down! Target is still working to get their website back up and running.  It's even being talked about on The Today Show. WOW!
Picture provided by Missoni for Target

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Universe

SAO PAULO (AP) — Newly crowned Miss Universe Leila Lopes hopes her victory will allow her to assist her native Angola further escape its history of war and impoverishment and said she plans to focus on combatting HIV around the globe. (provided by Associated Press)

Congratuations to Miss Angola! (pictures provided by Yasuyoshi Chiba, AFP/Getty Images)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Missoni for Target

Don't forget Missoni for Target starts tomorrow! September 13 through October 22! Purchase items from $2.99 to $54.99

picture provided by Missoni for Target

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mallory Musante Shoes

If you are in or near the Providence RI area on
September 17th...stop by and support Big Brother Big Sisters
of the Ocean State!

Will We Never Forget

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just In Time For Fall

Just in time for fall, my at least 8 year old Stuart Weitzman booties are back from the shoe repair shop!  They may be older than 8 years but they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn!  Okay, maybe the toe has turned up a little from wear but buying a quality product proves to last a lot longer. Who designs your favorite shoe?

Friday, September 9, 2011


Max Azria BCBG
I love the volume of this dress! The colors pop! This is a look that will be great on all body types


The looks are endless for the plus sized woman going back to school!  Since I'm a plus sized woman and starting back to school in January I've been looking for clothing that will serve several purposes.  I checked out Neiman Marcus today and came up with at least two I really liked.  Because I will be carrying a bookbag and possibly a purse, I won't be able to wear coats.  So I have to look for ways to keep warm, comfortable and unemcumbered by a heavy load. I've decided to go with leggings and oversized tops that will hide problem areas along with boots.  For warmth I can layer with a faux fur vest, I can keep warm and be comfortable. What will you be wearing back to school this winter?
pictures provided by Neiman Marcus