Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Colors Lift Your Mood

I got up this morning almost feeling like I needed to turn the heat on! I know it's September and fall is upon us but 58 degrees is cold! Don't allow yourself to be depressed or sad that summer is ending just find the good things that fall will bring. I read a great tip in this week's Woman's World: pick up an inexpensive bouquet of fall flowers to feel happier. Gazing upon gold, orange and red mums or other fall flowers slash anxiety levels and instantly lift your mood. (I paraphrased it, but you get the drift).

Just think, now you can pull out your sweaters and your ankle boots. Think about a football game, think hot apple cider, a drive through a state park to see the changing colors of the leaves. Fall colors automatically make me happy. I got married in the fall and am seriously thinking about planning a vow renewal ceremony just to decorate using those colors!

We may be sad that the hot days of summer are taking their leave, but let's embrace the cooler romantic days of fall and the opportunity for the colors that go with it!

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