Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's funny how I start off a lot of my blogs by saying "I have to admit." But this time I really have to admit next to spring, fall is my favorite season. It's the time of the year I vow to start the resolutions I failed to take action on January 1. Each year the list is the same: more walking, eating better, drinking more water, losing weight, dressing better, etc. etc. And every time  just like before, I probably won't keep a lot of these promises.

Every new season brings about visions of a new wardrobe (did someone say shopping?), however that usually doesn't happen either. There's always an excuse for me not to buy: I'm too fat, hemlines are too short, hemlines are too long, this doesn't look good on me, I don't want to show too much skin, etc. etc.

Part of my problem has been lack of confidence. I see other large women wearing fashionable clothing and I would love to see myself wearing the same kinds of clothes but fear keeps me from doing so. I remember years ago hearing a comedian say something about wearing a red suit. I'm paraphrasing but it was something about him seeing other men in red suits and always wanting to wear one but felt he would just look like a man in a red suit. Maybe it loses something in translation but the point is I would love to make a fashion statement but I am too self conscious to be fashionable. So I tend to stick to the tried and true or as my kids call it "my every". (wow, this is supposed to be a fashion blog, not a therapy session!)

So my fear keeps me on the computer purusing each season's fashions, not in the store buying them and certainly not out and about to wear them. Well all that is about to change. I recently went to a couple stage plays in Atlanta and I did take the time to pick out fashionable and trendy attire. And although I have to admit it was fun playing dress up, I was just too shy to have my husband take good pictures of me to share with you. I am going to a play in a couple weeks and I promise I will post a picture of what I decide to wear.

Today I was really going to share some of the pieces I want to buy for the fall season, but my list is incomplete and I'll probably be adding to it ... well.. until time to make my New Year's resolutions!
Maybe I should stick to shoes!

Here are some of the pieces I've picked out for the Fall!
picture provided by Monif C.
Chunky Turtleneck by Rachel Pally
pic provided by Rachel Pally

The Leandra Dress provided by Rachel Pally

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