Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to The Emerald Obsessive!

Welcome to The Emerald Obsessive! This is a place where we can discuss fashion and fashionable colors. I've been obsessed with the color green since I was a little girl. It started with a kelly green coat my aunt bought me at The Cinderella Shoppe in Indiana. While other kindergartners were wearing tan, black or blue, I was wearing brighter colors, I think I had a need to stand out. When I think about the clothing that did the most to lift my mood and/or my spirits they were green. One in particular was a 2 piece suit featuring a white pencil skirt (before they were called pencil skirts) and a waist length kelly green jacket with white buttons to match purchased from J. C. Penneys. I wore matching green pumps and you couldn't tell me I wasn't the hottest thing at the meeting I was attending! But even before then when I was probably in middle school, another outfit from Penneys was a kelly green sheath dress with a pink and green coat. Even then I wore green pumps that were probably not age appropriate.

My green clothing have varied through the years from kelly to olive and every shade of green in between. I have other favorite colors but it always come back to green. At this moment I don't have a thing in my closet that resembles green but receiving this month's Harper Bazaar and Instyle magazines, green, especially emerald green, is the color de jour. Now that I've learned to appreciate my birthstone color I plan to fill my closet full of everything green and everything that goes well with it.

Most skin tones can wear greens well, just find the shade that matches best. You don't have to wear green from head to toe; perhaps green eye shadow with something navy or purple, a pair of green pumps, a green purse, or even an emerald piece of jewelry.

There is a Ralph Lauren purse I am determined to purchase this season and once bought I will carry it until it falls apart! What current fashion trend do you plan to make part of your fall wardrobe?

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