Wednesday, July 31, 2013


How many of us through the years have purchased souvenirs only to leave them sitting on our shelves and hanging in our closets never to be seen and appreciated?  The purpose of buying those items was to have the ability to continually revisit a time and place that brought us joy.  I recently read a magazine article advising that we should use the coffee mugs to drink out of and use the seashells as paperweights so we could see them regularly.  I was reminded to wear the many tee shirts purchased through the years so I could remember the places  I've visited.  My daughter recently traveled throughout Europe for several weeks and wondered if she was sharing too many pictures on Facebook. By nature humans are voyagers, we like looking at other people's pictures.  For some, my daughter's pictures would be the only way they would journey to a world beyond their imagination.  For others, those pictures would be reminders of places they've been or where their families immigrated from.  There are those who don’t realize there are other places to go and our pictures and souvenirs give them the hope that they too can travel to unknown places. 

How many of us have bibles resting on our shelves, never opened, only dusted on the weekends when we do our weekly chores?  How many of us know that the bible contains God’s promises of a time and a place where we’ll know only joy?  How many of us know that Heaven is the place we want to reside?  We only know if our bible is torn, tattered and marked up.  If not, our bible looks like it did the first day it was given to us or the day we first bought it; a souvenir.  Now don’t do your bible like we used to do our tennis shoes back in grade school.  When we wanted them to look worn we purposely scuffed and dirtied them up to make them look like they had gotten a lot of wear. Nowadays, kids don’t want to be seen in anything that looks old!  And we should no longer be satisfied with a bible that looks new! True story...I had a friend who visited thrift shops and estate sales to find old bibles so she'd have a bible that looked like she read it often!

Imagine having your first cup of coffee or tea of the day in a mug you brought home from a place like Hawaii. or in my daughter's case, Greece (and other places I would love to visit). Not only does the tea seem to taste better but the memory of a place so beautiful is enough to help sustain us through the day. Wearing a piece of jewelry that was bought by you or for you from a faraway place is enough to bring back the memories of that
special time.  I've visited people whose homes are filled with knickknacks or as some people call them; dust catchers.  Sometimes you may hear those same collectors complaining about all of the dusting they have to do. Why then would they buy those kinds of items?  And perhaps they should tell their friends to stop buying those kinds of souvenirs.  But since you have them, dust them and keep it moving!  Your bible SHOULD BE be dusted if it sits on the shelf all day, every day.  

Think of how refreshing your day would be if you started it off reading a scripture each morning! In 365 days your bible would not only look like you've been using it but your knowledge of what God has for you will increase exponentially. Have a great green day!

2 Timothy 2:15 KJV 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.