Thursday, September 15, 2011


"A woman truly feels beautiful when she recognizes that she is exquisite the way she already is: a wonderful, unique, and exceptional individual.”

That is the motto of Igigi, a company that sells beautiful clothing for the plus sized woman. Based in San Francisco, the founder, Yuliya Raquel gave up a career in medicine to pursue her passion of fashion design.  "IGIGI is the premiere brand of contemporary collections designed to fulfill the lifestyle of the beautiful, voluptuous, and confident woman. Named after an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence, IGIGI strives to provide women of curves with smart, stylish and sophisticated collections that accentuate and celebrate their bodies.  Everybody is beautiful just the way they are."

I own a few pieces of Igigi and absolutely love them. I will post pictures when I wear them. Their new Kelly dress is part of a limited collection, so I'm going to have to shop quickly!

Igigi's clothing range from sizes 12-32

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