Tuesday, September 27, 2011


According to Dushane Noble a knitwear designer at TSE, if you don't have a defuzzing gadget to removing pilling from your sweater, use a pumice stone on the chunkier knits. A sweater comb is best for fine gauge knits. Mr. Noble likes the Remington FuzzAway ($6.00 on amazon.com for chunky knits and sweater combs by D-Fuzz-It for around $3.00 at joann.com).

On the fine gauge knits, if you don't have a sweater comb handy use a clean, double-blade razor. Just drage the razor in downward motion to remove the fuzz (a a piece of cardboard inside sweater to create a smooth surface to work on.

It's chilly outside...get your sweater on!!!

InStyle/Oct 2011

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