Saturday, August 4, 2012


I've been off topic lately and thought it high time to get back to what Emerald Obsessive is all about! The Green Slipper Society was spawned from my obsession with green. We are a group of women who find ways to help those less fortunate, have a good time while helping and wearing green shoes! Some of our members have had trouble finding green shoes so I try to keep my eyes open for possibilities. Even though I've purchased a few pairs ( is my new best friend) I've also taken a couple old pairs of comfortable shoes and turned them into green shoes.  This was a pair of those clear Cinderella slides I've had since back in the 90's. I decoupaged them with green images I tore out from a magazine. The pictures don't do them justice because they turned out so cute!

As usual I'm staying true to green!

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