Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I've always been a morning person. Maybe it started because my parents always chose to foster more kids than they had bathrooms for. Perhaps I continued to be a morning person because I needed to take my shower before getting my own 4 kids up for school when they were little. Whatever the reason, I've discovered regardless of what time I go to sleep I'm still able to rise and shine between five and six a.m. Lately its been more rise and less shine! The schedule in the last few years has been to fix myself a glass of sugar free iced tea, turn on the television to watch The Today Show, get on the computer and .....get off the computer around five or six p.m. You don't even need to comment on that because I already know that's not a good thing. And snacking all throughout that time. But changes abound! Yesterday I bought myself a pedometer and because I'm so anxious to hear the clicks when I walk I'm finding myself walking through the house for no reason! At least every other commercial I plan to at least walk to the refrigerator..90 steps. If I do that 100 times I will be close to the recommended 10,000 steps! How are you going to maximize your mornings?

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