Thursday, July 12, 2012


Years ago and I do mean years ago, I was what they would have called the "dancing queen." I absolutely loved to dance and found a way to get to the night clubs where I could get my groove on every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If it got real good to me, I would find an after hours type joint to get my dancing in. Then I married a man who had no sense of rhythm. I mean he can't even "snap" or "pop" his fingers (much to the dismay of his grandson Jaxon). So I stopped dancing.

Years ago and I do mean years ago, I loved to drink. I didn't drink in excess but enjoyed having mixed drinks while I was out dancing. Then I married a man who never took a drink in his life. So I stopped drinking.

Years ago and I do mean years ago, I loved smoking cigarettes. Not in excess, in fact, those I worked with didn't even know I smoked and that was when we could smoke in the work place. With all of the dancing, drinking and smoking I stayed skinny. Then I married a man who never smoked a day in his life. So I stopped smoking.

Years ago I did marry a man who loved to drive and I absolutely loved riding. I could ride from here to nowhere just to be in the car with the radio blasting. My husband didn't require much in the way of conversation so it was just me and my music.  It was a time where all of the thoughts in my head had the opportunity to come forth and be heard without interference from everyday life. That was the time I was the most creative.

Just recently, my husband (my driver) became incapacitated and the riding ceased. As with the dancing, the drinking and the smoking which I quit cold turkey... it just stopped. No warning. Now
it's been a long time since I thought about dancing, drinking and smoking but recently those memories have cropped back up making me wonder if I've missed anything. I probably did my body good by not having the alcohol and cigarette smoke in my system. But the dancing kept me fit and along with the smoking I was able to keep the weight off.

Okay so what's a girl to do? Granted I won't go back to smoking...that's a definite. But an occasional glass of wine won't hurt me surely..might even make me heart healthy! Highway driving I've started doing again..don't necessarily like it but it is an means to an end. Recently while driving and listening to the music...a song came on that I haven't heard in years; Love Song (We Never Danced To A Love Song) by The Manhattans. Oh boy, to be held closely and sway and move simultaneously as one.. wow!!!! Almost orgasmic! Okay..back to reality. Maybe I'll find a line dancing class or a friend to go dancing with. Or perhaps I'll pull out some dance dvd's for the Wii and get my groove on again. Thanks to that song I realized I hadn't "done me" in a long long time.

I know you're wondering where this is going...quite bluntly...I'm giving myself the green light to do some things I want to do. If I want to dance, I will. If I want to drink, I will. If I want to go long distance, I'll drive. Give yourself the green light to do something for you today.

As always, staying true to green!

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