Saturday, August 4, 2012


True story...I was on my way to Indiana for a Green Slipper Society charter members meeting when I decided a good place to stop and stretch my legs was at the Coach outlet store. I told my husband before going in "if I find a green purse I'm buying it. If not I'll leave." In the newly expanded Edinburgh Indiana store I walked and walked and was a little disappointed. I found one bag that had a tiny touch of green in it but it was a bag I would only be able to use in the summer. I need to stretch my money further than one season. As I turned to leave...a small voice (thank You God) told me to keep walking. I obeyed and came upon the "clearance" section!!!! Clearance is my middle name. The prices at the outlet stores are already incredible but! Lo and behold right in front of my eyes was this beauty! Okay so I bought the purse (the couple in front of me bought 12 different bags!) but then comes the dilemma; I had no shoes to match. Of all the green shoes I had nothing that matched this color. So I made a pair! I took an old pair of comfortable shoes and colorblocked them with ... nail polish!!! I had a bottle of Pure Ice nail polish in a color called First Time. The nail polish is a metallic but I think they matched up well. Now I'm looking through my closet for shoes I haven't worn in a while and paint them too! Tell me what you think.

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