Monday, November 14, 2011


My husband woke me up last night to tell me that the NBC logo was all green. I didn't understand what he meant so I got up to look and there it was: the NBC peacock was sporting all green feathers! I grabbed my cell phone and took the best picture I could with eyes half open.

I went back to sleep without thinking too much about it. But when I woke up this morning, The Today Show logo was green as well. Surely they didn't change their logos just so The Emerald Obsessive would have something to talk about so I looked up the reason.

"NBCUniversal is making a commitment to sustainability across the entire company. Our Green is Universal initiative focuses on bringing an environmental perspective to everything we do, informing and entertaining our audiences while incorporating more sustainable practices into our own operations. As one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies, we want to participate in and help lead one of the most important dialogues of our time–and build a stronger business and a more sustainable world in the process."

The simplest way we can help is by using drinking mugs and coffee cups instead of paper, styrofoam and plastic!

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