Monday, February 10, 2014

Not Keeping A Promise Is A Lie

July 13, 2013 was the last time I posted anything after promising myself I would be more active on this blog...but you all know how it is; we get busy, we forget, life gets in the way and all kind of things take place keeping us from what we set out to do. I remember years ago when my now deceased mother told me 'people will make time to do what they want to do'. She was right. If I wanted to go shopping, I would go, if I wanted to go out to eat, I would make the time and if I wanted to go to the movies, the time would be available. Whatever I WANT to do, I will always make time for. So did that mean I didn't want to update my blog on a regular basis? Not necessarily. Did it mean I didn't know what to blog about? Probably. Did I forget the password to get into the blog? YES! I told you life gets in the way!

Actually, I spent a lot of time trying to decide on the focus of my blog. I've looked at other blog sites and the owners seem to be so organized in their thinking and their subject matter while I find myself kind of scattered all over the board. Do I want to do a fashion blog? Hmmm. Sounds exciting but I'm not into having a picture taken of me in the OOTD everyday. Do I want to blog about food? As much as I love to eat I don't think I want to share photos of every plate of food I prepare for myself. Blog about celebrities? Absolutely not! Books? No. Redecorating my house? Need to start decorating to do that. You get the point, I just don't know what to talk about everyday.

But another thing my mother told me years ago was 'not keeping a promise is the same thing as a lie'. So if I have a blog..then I should blog..about something..about anything..just keep blogging until the focus becomes clear. If I don't want to keep up with this site then I should get rid of it right? Well I'm not prepared to give it up completely so today, February 10, 2013, I WILL blog more. I WILL talk about something even if it's just to say hello to all of you.

So today..hello to all of you!!!

Have a good green day!


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