Monday, March 10, 2014


I told you how much I loved the Olympics right? Right! I'm so sad it's over. However, I did enjoy watching the opening ceremony for the paraolympics. Missing the Olympics made me come up with an idea! Our women's ministry (Wings of Faith) at church is hosting the Rallying For Christ Olympics! We will have several 'get to know you' games and the participants will earn points. The woman with the most points will be our gold medal winner. We will also have silver and bronze medal winners. We have additional prizes that will given throughout the event. How clever is that? What types of activities has your women's group done lately? Please share!

Speaking of church, my husband and I completed our new members orientation last night! We will be given a certificate of completion soon. It was the first time in all of my years that any explanation about church has been given. I'm totally enlightened and excited to belong to a church where the Pastor actually cares enough to explain; so many churches don't. Did your church have a new members orientation?

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