Tuesday, April 3, 2012


All of us remember the iconic scene of Marilyn Monroe and the "dress" in the 1955 classic The Seven Year Itch. If you don't actually remember the movie surely you have seen the pictures. If not, let me refresh your memories.

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Now don't get me wrong, I loved the dress and the movie. I even thought it was quite poetic to have the platinum haired beauty wearing the white dress and shoes. It made an unforgettable statement. But (and you had to know a "but" was coming) what if the stylist had dressed Marilyn in a different color. Perhaps green! Now you can be an icon. You can get your own dress and make whatever statement you'd like. www.modcloth.com has the University of Marilyn dress for $169.99. A small price to pay to become your own version of Marilyn Monroe!

pic provided by modcloth.com
While you're at it, go all out and do a special pair of shoes. Check out these Gianmarco Lorenzi python skin pumps for $1,025.00 at www.farfetch.com

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Have a fashionably green day!

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