Tuesday, March 26, 2013


There's something about almost turning 60 that makes a person reevaluate their life. I'm doing a lot of soul searching in time for my 60th birthday that's coming up soon. I've often heard about "hindsight being 20-20" and although I've said it to others I never took heed to it until it almost became too late. I have always quoted "nothing beats a failure but a try"  I don't know where the quote came from but I've been saying it for thirty years or more. The bible tells us "faith without works is dead" (James 2:14-26). Nothing beats a failure but a try simply means if you do nothing you gain nothing. Isn't it funny how I could use those words to encourage others to follow their dreams and their passions but didn't always follow those words of wisdom myself? I have stepped out on faith...no, I jumped out on faith for a lot of things I've able to accomplish but didn't take it to heart where it mattered the most: my health. As life happened my motto became "life goes on" and that seemed to excuse me from the mistreatment of my body and my health.

I thought I had more time to make myself Sexy by Sixty but things like life got in the way. And instead of getting better I started getting worse. Things I used to take for granted: my skin, my weight, and my health have now come back to haunt me. Yesterday while I was shopping for a few groceries I found myself in the skin care section of the store and actually bought wrinkle remover. Wow! I wasn't prepared for that but when I looked in the mirror and actually saw sagging skin around my mouth area I was devastated. Then I saw a few dark spots on my face and yes, I bought some cream for that too. Now the wrinkles and the dark spots have been there a long time but I always thought I had time to get rid of them. I really thought I would get rid of them by the age sixty along with this 50 or more pounds I need to lose.

Now I never intended to blog about diet and weight loss. But I want to share my journey to a better me with you. I am making up my list now for things I need to start a gluten free diet. If you're like me you don't know much about gluten and what it does to your body and I'm sure I'll be learning more and more as I go along. But what I do know is that a lot of the aches and pains I have are probably related to gluten in some way or another. I'm reading up on it and the diet seems simple enough for even me to stick with it. So while Emerald Obsessive is not a weight loss or diet blog, I will periodically share my successes with you. 

Who wants to take this journey with me?

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