Saturday, February 23, 2013


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This list is still evolving so periodically I will add or subtract accordingly. When I started making this list I thought I would list things like jumping out of a plane, riding in a hot air balloon, etc but the things I want to do have changed over the last year. Maybe age does that to a person.

Currently my list includes:

1.   Find my birth mother (at least her real name and see a picture of her)
2.   Learn to make good Gumbo
3.  Drive an RV cross country to California
4.   Visit Balboa Island once I get to California (where the woman I think was my birth mother once lived)
5.  Visit Colonel Allensworth State Historical Park (used to be Allensville, California: an all black city)
6.   Visit Martha's Vineyard
7.   Learn to shoot a gun
8.   Eat at Dookie Chase's in New Orleans, Louisiana (Leah Chase)
9.   Eat at Sweetie Pie's in St. Louis
10. Eat at The Upper Crust in St. Louis (also owned by Sweetie Pie)
11. Sing in a studio

What's on your list of "must do's" before you leave this earth?

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