Friday, January 4, 2013


No, I'm talking about "tender loving care." I'm talking about The Learning Channel on television. Years ago I remember when the channel's focus was educational types of programming. I also remember when they forged into reality shows like Trading Spaces, where neighbors designed a room in each other's homes with the help of a designer, A Wedding Story and A Baby Story. I loved A Wedding Story. But I digress! For years, I searched and searched for TLC's programming guide to find A Wedding Story to no avail. So I now get my fill of wedding stories by watching David Tutera on My Fair Wedding and Say Yes To The Dress and similar shows.

Then they started with shows like  Jon & Kate Plus 8, 17 Kids and Counting which turned into 18 Kids and Counting and then 19 Kids and Counting (who cares about how many kids this family wants to have?) That's when I knew they had started going downhill (at least for me). Searching the TV Guide (does anyone still buy those?) I looked to see what TLC's current offerings were. Imagine my surprise when I found shows like Honey Boo Boo and most recently The Sisterhood (the biggest mockery of God I've ever seen) and the new show I heard about this morning; Best Funeral Ever. WTH!

I remember when TLC's slogan used to be Life Unscripted then it changed to Live and Learn. Their slogan is now Life's Surprises. Well you know what TLC...I pray you're surprised when people stop watching the shenanigans you air now. I for one will not watch TLC again.

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